ODCP Shaping Careers

“ODCP was a turning point in my life – a journey of self-discovery equipping me with newer skillsets and cognitive & experiential shifts in me. Indian as well as International facilitators brought in a good blend of OD practices and perspectives globally. A phenomenal experience indeed!”

Sampada Inamdar
Dean – Anand University, Anand Automotive Ltd.

“An amazing program with the most amazing and renown faculty in the industry. A life changing journey of 18 months. It is truly an evolution for me from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I am proud to be associated with ISABS and ODCP.”

Prashant Kumar
Sr. Manager-HR, Harrisons Malayalam Limited

“ODCP journey was a self discovery. It was not learning of concepts but evoking the ability to conceptualize through experience and observation. It taught us the true essence of being collaborative and participative. To be self aware of both are actions and thoughts and the impact made to the organizations and personal self.”

Lindo Cherian
Learning Consultant, Talent Development, Wells Fargo

“ODCP, though an emotional roller coaster journey, helped me to undergo self-discovery processes, shifted my focus from ‘Content’ to ‘Processes’ of happenings through its well-structured curriculum integrated with labs, log-writing, projects, sessions by experts, presentations and other means.”

Bindu Cherungath
Director and Co-founder, Insignia Solutions Private Limited

“ODCP is a challenging journey. The course, the rigor, the faculty, the peer group, the learning environment, and the entire process has been meticulously built. It has tremendously contributed to my learning and understanding about OD. The program is very empowering and very helpful in my professional growth.”

V. Padhmanabhan
Faculty, Goa Institute of Management

“ODCP – a self exploratory journey which rejuvenated me with ‘in’ and with ‘out’. The experiential activities, projects, labs, logs, open discussions and feedbacks from peers, mentors and the faculty ‘broke’ as well as ‘built’ me as a person and a professional. The ODCP faculty played a significant role in making me understand what OD and life is about.”

Thomas Mathews
Co-Founder& Director of Insignia Solutions Private Limited

“ODCP is the beginning of transforming oneself into a true Human, an effective OD professional. The learning from this program has helped me in my professional and personal roles. The faculty and the support team of this program are simply fabulous. This one of the best learning experiences I have ever been fortunate to be part of.”

Jithesh Anand
Group Head - Employee Development & Learning, S.J. Mariwala Group of Companies

“I realised how being observant to self & interpersonal interactions goes into the fine prints of power dynamics, diversity & inclusion, individual versus collectivism, micro-inequities, motives & beliefs – everywhere, not just the workplace. An unconventional yet progressive program design where as each lab, caselet, experience, exercise unfolds multilateral relational dimensions with a systemic perspective; strengthening one’s conceptualization & application competencies for effective organizational interventions.”

Indira Wadhawan
HR Partner - ABP News Network

“This program has helped make some significant shifts in me in both personal & professional spaces. It also helped me open doors to well-established faculty both in India & outside and also help build a strong network with like minded professionals. This course helps build a strong foundation in OD.”

Eric Lee James
Senior Human Resources Business Partner- VMware Software India Pvt Ltd.

“ODCP – one of the best programs offered in our country with the best of faculty and pedagogy of experiential learning. It infused confidence in me to take leap of faith into the consulting space. In hindsight, ODCP has been a game changer to me. It is really, “the road less travelled” which has “made all the difference” to me.”

Santosh Jois
Founder, TransformAction

“ODCP is an intense and enriching program; a landmark event in any professional’s life. It explores in depth the theories and foundation of OD along with developing sensitivity to human processes. We are exposed to some of the best OD practitioners in India and a cohort of batch mates who support and co create together. ODCP gives a through grounding.”

Neha Lehl
Consultant, Resonate Consulting,

“ODCP challenged me to the core, conceptually as well as at application level. It provided deep introspection of OD values, expanded perspectives in the domains of systems thinking & change facilitation and built the skills of facilitating each phase of the OD cycle. Only a course with such distinguished faculty, engaging design & highly experienced cohort members could have brought about such life transforming learning.”

Deepak Patil
VP & Head – Leadership & Management Development, Firstsource.

“Undoubtedly, the best learning experience that I have ever been through. Excellent content and a challenging pace. Hats off to the Academic council who had very finely planned and delivered a superb blended learning experience to the participants. An extremely engaging and experiential methodology. The two live OD assignments during the course were a great learning experience.”

Deepak Ahuja
Head, Learning & OD for Atul Limited

“The ODCP program has enhanced my consulting practice and my career. Relevant concepts, theories and tools help you understand and address real life challenges of an OD practitioner. There is flexibility to apply concepts and theory, back on the job. The instructors are top notch and always willing to help. The duration of 18 months of this program provides you ample opportunity to build network with other OD professionals and learn best practices in OD.”

Manjula Loganathan
Functional & OD Manager for a US MNC

“Believe me it was not just a game changing but life changing experience for me. My family has also experienced this closely. I spent 25 yrs studying since the age of 3 but nowhere (including at home or society) I learned the life skills as I did in ODCP and the power of process work. I have become a better human being and a better professional.”

Manojj Arora
Head HR, BP, Raymond Ltd.

“ODCP increased conceptual knowledge, gave me a new lexicon, and above all, the confidence to foray into uncertain realms within the organisation. I found the right balance of conceptual knowledge, opportunity to apply learnings and all this, while holding the human process paradigm, so critical in change interventions. The icing on the cake is, the course is taught or co-created in true spirit, by India’s best OD practitioners.”

Priya Vasudevan
General Manager - Learning & OD, ACG Worldwide, ODCP

“I got a thorough and deep experiential learning about OD, its values and practice and most importantly, the usage of self as an instrument of change was a life transformation journey for me. A life-changing journey indeed!”

Ameet Mattoo
Founder & Principal Consultant, Think Change

“ODCP – a transformational experience that helped shape my view of organisational processes. It also offered me a great opportunity to get a “up close and personal” view of myself. I made some amazing friends and was mentored by some of the thought leaders in field of OD in India. The course offers a meaningful blend of experience, reflection and experimentation.”

Gunjan Zutshi
Co –Creator & OD Consultant, AgileSattva

“The journey with ODCP reminds me of the Allegory of Cave by Plato – People have been chained to a wall inside a dark cave with little light. However, there is another world outside that is full of light. And between these two worlds a wall has been raised, on which one can see the movement of shadows from people walking. The people inside the cave cannot raise their head completely so they only see the shadows like illusion, which they believe, as real but it is just their illusion.”

Sorabh Gupta
Director, Human Centered Design Studio (HCDS)

“ODCP has been a life evolving process for me. Words may not suffice my gain. I have applied my learnings and still do so in all realms of my life as a Consultant, a family member, a woman and more.”

Payal Gupta
CEO & Director of Celebratory Network

“ODCP is a gateway. It opened the doors to new possibilities. Thanks to ODCP, I made the transition from a corporate leadership role to a change agent: Leadership Coach & Facilitator.”

Ganga Sharma
Leadership Coach & OD Consultant, Jyotirmaya - Igniting Conversations for Institution Building

“ODCP helped me understand the dynamics of change. Principles of inclusivity, collaboration and participation helped in the way I executed initiatives. I have grown not only as a professional but as a human being as well. I recommend ODCP to anyone who wants to grow in the OD space.”

Sushama Kulkarni
Head –OD & Learning, Zensar Technologies Ltd. Pune

“ODCP focuses on Human Process Work as the base, in contrast to some other OD programmes which are more of ‘toolkits’. A transformational journey, it provides a new set of eyes to look at organizational life. The ODCP faculty are some of the best OD Practitioners in the country. A highly recommended programme!”

Amit Sharma
Director – HR, Healthcare Innovation Centre, Philips India Ltd.,ODCP

“Be ready to be surprised by both, the curriculum and the pedagogy. ODCP went behind the obvious, beyond the data into the story behind the story. It meant understanding the processes going on around me whether it be the people, processes or systems, and – most importantly – within me. I got comprehensive conceptual knowledge and ample opportunities to apply the learnings. To top it all, ODCP is brought to you by the finest team of OD practitioners who have won national and international accolades.”

Rahul Yadwadkar
Sr. V.P. & Head-Customer Service – Reliance Energy

“Learning about OD evolves through a community of resources which includes faculty, mentors, small groups of batch mates as well as self, in a non-conventional manner. The beauty of this course is that it delves on concepts of gender, diversity and inclusion, micro inequities, values and beliefs, power dynamics etc. through experiential learning so insightfully, that one becomes acutely aware of these and starts observing them in everyday interaction.”

Renu Bohra
Director HR, Schenker India Pvt. Ltd., ODCP